About Our Space

We are a home-based studio. We offer a quality, service-oriented, audio & video capable space at an affordable rate.
Review our gallery, walkthrough, and technical specifications so you can get familiar with the space.

Photo Gallery

Video Walkthrough

Technical Specifications

  1. A Quiet Space
  2. Hardware
    • 2x ATR-2100 microphones
    • H4N audio recorder (set up to record separate tracks)
    • Adjustable microphone stands
    • Pop filters
  3. Additional features
    • Studio lighting perfect for videos
    • Green screen backdrop
    • 49” TV so you can see your notes or script
    • Whiteboard for brainstorming
    • Modern table and chairs
    • Tripod for camera or cell phone
  4. On-Site Engineer

Some additional notes:

First time visitors: Please keep 30 minutes aside for our free orientation and walkthrough (a $35 value).

There are 2 options to receive your audio files from your session: You can bring a laptop or other device with an SD card reader. Or bring a thumb drive and we can use our in-house computer to make the transfer of files

If you’re doing remote interviews (either as a guest on someone else’s or interviewing afar), you must bring your own laptop with your own web conferencing technology (such as Zoom).

For video users, note that we use podcasting microphones so we are not able to film without a microphone being in the shot.

Lastly, note that the studio is set up as record-only. Editing must be done post-session in your location or through a hired service professional.